Wine cellar

Underneath a vault that is almost 12 centuries old, you can take your time in choosing from our extraordinary wine selection from various wine regions worldwide including the best vintage years of this and the previous century. The almost ideal humidity and temperature in the cellars provide excellent conditions for storing the most precious wines and champagnes. You can single out a choice for the night from a varied selection of champagne, a complete collection of Château Lafite Rothschild, Château Mouton Rothschild or a famous Romaine Conti. When ordering your drinks, you will always be assisted by an experienced sommeliér, who shall help you make the right choice. The wine cellar occupies about 30% of the restaurant’s premises and there are about 600 types of wine in our renowned wine selection.

Our offer of wine

Wine cellar



For the fourth year, top-class chefs in Prague are coming together for two days in a row to jointly prepare a ten-course menu with you as their audience.
On Wednesday 18 February and Thursday 19 February 2009, at Flambée restaurant, Husova 5, Prague 1. Make a reservation today at this telephone number: 224 248 512.

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