Gift boxes of chocolates

Ladies and gentlemen,
I would like to present to you an assortment of pralines made by hand at the Flambée Praha restaurant. This assortment of chocolate pralines is made by our master confectioners. By making each chocolate by hand we guarantee the highest quality and freshness. The combination of fine liqueurs, distinguished spirits, real marzipan, ripe nuts and original French Valrhona chocolate gives the special taste to six types of praline in 200 assortments each month.

I am sure that you will enjoy this assortment of pralines and that they will brighten up your day.

Bon appétit from the Head Chef
Lukáš Otáhal


  • Cappuccino chocolate filled with cream nougat and hazelnut in caramel
  • Cherry purée with cinnamon in Extra Amer 67% chocolate
  • Superalpina 39% milk chocolate with nuts and Amaretto almond liqueur
  • Grand Marnier ganache with Extra Amer 67% dark chocolate and real marzipan
  • Talisker single malt whisky ganache coated in Ivoire white chocolate
  • Purée of candied fruit with fresh vanilla and Extra Amer 67% bitter chocolate

Price CZK 300,-

Gift boxes of chocolates



For the fourth year, top-class chefs in Prague are coming together for two days in a row to jointly prepare a ten-course menu with you as their audience.
On Wednesday 18 February and Thursday 19 February 2009, at Flambée restaurant, Husova 5, Prague 1. Make a reservation today at this telephone number: 224 248 512.

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